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A small addition to your .emacs file can make a difference whey you want to separate files with the same name (dut different path). There are a couple of ways to do it. One involves uniquify-buffer-name-style - I am testing this at the moment:

(require 'uniquify)
  uniquify-buffer-name-style 'post-forward
  uniquify-separator "|")

This way the buffer is named <filename>|<minimal-unique-path>. So with six files all called output.log I get the below:

.   output.log|/tmp          0  Fundamental       /tmp/output.log
    output.log|o             0  Fundamental       /tmp/fo/o/output.log
    output.log|o/bar         0  Fundamental       /tmp/fo/o/bar/output.log
    output.log|fo            0  Fundamental       /tmp/fo/output.log
    output.log|baz           0  Fundamental       /tmp/fo/baz/output.log
    output.log|fo/bar        0  Fundamental       /tmp/fo/bar/output.log


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