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Industrial Requirements for Supporting AI-Enhanced Model-Driven Engineering (tentatvie title) was just accepted. More details will come soon. In the meantime, read more on the Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Model-driven Engineering here: [1]

Pre-print at arXiv [2]

Tentative Abstract
There is an increasing interest in research on the combination of AI techniques and methods with MDE. However, there is a gap between AI and MDE practices, as well as between researchers and practitioners. This paper tackles this gap by reporting on industrial requirements in this field. In the AIDOaRt research project, practitioners and researchers collaborate on AI-augmented automation supporting modeling, coding, testing, monitoring, and continuous development in cyber-physical systems. Through a process of elicitation and refinement, 78 high-level requirements were defined, and generalized into 30 generic requirements by the AIDOaRt partners. The main contribution of this paper is the set of generic requirements from the project for enhancing development of cyber-physical systems with artificial intelligence, DevOps, and model-driven engineering, identifying the hot spots of industry needs in the interactions of MDE and AI. Future work will refine, implement and evaluate solutions towards these requirements.

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