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What is a "Neoronel"?

A neuronel might be a pun on pixel as picture element and neuron as part of the brain: Neuronel might then be a geeky version of a piece of a piece of a brain, and a typo of neuronal.

I use it to describe a piece of software I want to build.


Similar Software

List of mind mapping software in wikipedia: [1]

There is also a non-free software program called Personal Brain:

RTF Editors

From Code Project [2] and [3]

Requirements and so on

Feature wish list

  1. Nodes and Links contain an RTF nodes section (not only nodes).
  2. Import Microsoft Visual Studio solutions (and Eclipse projects, Crimson Editor projects, etc) and generate tree structure with nodes that correspond to:
    1. modules
    2. classes
    3. methods, properties and members
  3. Attach lot's of crap to each container.
  4. Use smart plugin-system (hello Daniel!)
  5. Images (?) in RTF are inserted as attachments to minimize RTF


  1. Export container to HTML
  2. Graphics engine (that does layout) should be replaceable with a slim interface.

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